Driving Restrictions Australia

The map on this page shows the inland boundary where you are permitted to drive Apex vehicles. If vehicles are driven beyond the boundary line they will not be covered by insurance and the renter will be responsible for any recovery costs.

The boundary runs from the northern-most point, Cookstown in far north Queensland, down State Route 81 south to Mareeba. It then follows National Route 1 from Mareeba through Atherton and southwest to Minamoolka. At Minamoolka the road continues south on State Route 62 (also known as the Kennedy Developmental Road) to the turn off to Conjuboy and then heads southeast on State Route 63 (also known as Gregory Developmental Road) through to Charter Towers.

From Charter Towers you continue south along National Highway A7 to Emerald. From Emerald the boundary line takes you east towards the coast on National Highway A4 and passes through the towns of Blackwater, Dingo, Duaringa, and Gogango. Approximately 10kms after Gogango the boundary heads south again and follows National Highway A5 to the town of Dululu.

Leaving Dululu the boundary follows National Highway A3 to Biloela and continues south to Mundubbera. From Mundubbera you can take State Route 75 to Durong and then take State Route 82 south to Jinghi and onward to Dalby. Then follow National Highway 2 to Toowoomba before switching to National Highway A39 from Toowoomba to Goondiwindi.

From Goondiwindi you continue on National Highway 39 south through Moree, Narabri, and Coonabarabran, until you reach Dubbo. From Dubbo you can head inland on National Highway 32 through Nyngan, Cobar, Willcania, on to Broken Hill. Continue on National Highway 39 heading southwest until you reach the turn-off for Peterborough and then follow National Highway B56.

National Highway B56 takes you through Peterborough and then north to Black Rock. From Black Rock you follow National Highway B80 north to Orroroo and on through Eurelia, Carrieton, and Craddock before joining National Highway B83 heading north to Hawker. From Hawker you can take the road through the Flinders Ranges to Blinman and on to Parachilna.

From Parachilna you can head north on National Highway B83 through Marree and then west until you reach Borefield Road (National Highway B97). Then head south to Olympic Dam and on to Pimba. From Pimba the boundary follows National Highway A87 to Port Augusta.

The western boundary is defined by Kyancutta on National Highway 1 and the town of Elliston, where National Highway B91 joins with National Highway B100 along the south coast.

Tasmania also has special restrictions, with no cars permitted to travel across Bass Strait from the mainland or vice versa.

Under no circumstances can Apex vehicles be driven to Western Australia or the Northern Territory.

Geographical Restrictions Map

Apex vehicles may only be used within a defined geographical area marked on the map below.

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australia distance map